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Social Services

Following the example of their founder Jesus Christ who went about doing good to all, the Christians in Ahmedabad Diocese extend services to all peoples irrespective of their caste and religion but especially the poor and the needy.

The Diocesan Social Service Centre headquartered at Hansol, Ahmedabad, Behavioural Science Centre (BSC) and St Xavier's Social Service Society, both run by the Jesuits, are three of the best known social service organizations in the Diocese. They are also the three biggest centres in terms of their services extending far and wide in the Diocese and beyond. But we have also social service wings which are part and parcel of many of our parishes and schools and through which we reach out to the most needy people of the locality.

Our social service centres engage in social, economic, medical, vocational and educational activities such as conducting balwadies for poor children, remedial classes for children of some municipal schools, tuition classes for students weak in studies. The social centres have also helped poor people to build their homes, farmers are helped with seeds and to dig wells and young boys and girls with vocational courses like computer training, tailoring embroidery, etc.

During natural calamities like floods, drought and the killer earthquake of January 26, 2001, our social service centres were at the vanguard with relief and rehabilitation works. Some of our institutions have also done wonderful works in water-harvesting and building check-dams.