HERODIAS, A VILE WOMEN (Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.)

HERODIAS, A VILE WOMEN (Fr. Varghese Paul, S.J.)

Herodias is the female form of Herod, the royal rulers during the time of Jesus Christ and his apostles. The first three (synoptic) gospels speak about Herodias.

Herodias was the daughter of Aritobulus, son of Herod the Great and Marianne. She was first married to Philip in Rome and later to Herod Antipas, her uncle. Herodias and Herod Antipas had a daughter named Salome. Herodias used her to destroy the prophet John the Baptist.

In order to marry Herodias, Herod Antipas divorced his first wife, the daughter of the Nabataean king of Arabia, Aretas IV. King Aretas took revenge on Herod Antipas by invading his territory in a boundary dispute and defeating Antipas so badly that he needed to seek the help of Roman troops. People of his time interpreted Antipass defeat as a divine punishment for beheading John to Baptist.

Evangelists Mathew and Mark have given a detailed account of Herodias grudge against John the Baptist and at her behest Herod ordering the beheading of John. Here is the whole story as narrated by Mathew At that time Herod, the ruler of Galilee, heard about Jesus. He is really John the Baptist, who has come back to life. He told his officials, That is why he has this power to perform miracles.

For Herod had earlier ordered Johns arrest, and he had him chained and put in prison. He had done this because of Herodias, his brother Philips wife. For some time John the Baptist had told Herod, It isnt right for you to be married to Herodias! Herod wanted to kill him, but he was afraid to the Jewish people, because they considered John to be a prophet.

On Herods birthday the daughter of Herodias danced in front of the whole group. Herod was so pleased that he promised her, I swear that I will give you anything you ask for!

At her mothers suggestion she asked him, give me here and now the head of John the Baptist on a dish!

The king was sad, but because of the promise he had made in front of all his guests he gave orders that her wish be granted. So he had John beheaded in prison. The head was brought in on a dish and given to the girl, who took it to her mother. Johns disciples came, carried away his body, and buried it; then they went and told Jesus. (Mt. 14, 1-12)

The character of Herodias in the New Testament reminds us about Jezebel, a similar vicious character in the Old Testament. Jezebel the wife of King Ahab plotted and got Naboth, a neighbour killed and took possession of his garden-land next to her palace. So much so Jezebels name has become a synonym for cruelty!

Herodias was also the cause of the final down fall of Herod Antipas. Emperor Gaius Caligula named Herodias brother Agrippa king, and then Herodias wanted Herod Antipas too to seek the title of king for himself. But Agrippa accused him of treason. Consequently Antipas was exiled to Gaul where Herod Antipas and Herodias lived the rest of their lives. (contact the author: यह ईमेल पता spambots से संरक्षित किया जा रहा है. आप जावास्क्रिप्ट यह देखने के सक्षम होना चाहिए. )

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